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Develop your project with Calacatta Vagli®, one of the most prestigious Italian marble. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor project and it has an elegant style in all its uses.

Calacatta Vagli®

Apuana Lavorati owns the exclusive for processing, transformation and marketing of Calacatta Vagli®, one of the most prestigious marbles of the Apuan area, extracted only from the quarries of Cooperativa Apuana that holds the registered trademark.

projects all over the world

Apuana Lavorati processes and promotes Calacatta Vagli® in all its variations, appreciat-ed marble used by architectural firms all over the world to create prestigious works.

This means the Company is highly rated in terms of exclusivity not only for the unique quality of processed material, but also and not least, in excercising the significant and considerable prerogative of being able to guarantee project designers a steady, uniform supply of material, even when it comes to large-scale architectural projects.

Not infrequently, in some cases, it is the architects themselves who personally select materials directly from the extraction site in order to guarantee the best stone for their design requirements. Besides the Architectural sector, Apuana Lavorati also supplies material to sculpture studios who create works of great decorative and artistic value.


Thanks to the modern and innovative plant located in Isola di Roccalberti in Camporgiano (LU) that has been completed in 2018, Apuana Lavorati is able to transform the material extracted from the quarry of Cooperativa Apuana in meshed, resin and polished slabs of variable thicknesses according to customer needs, including the block consolidation through the vacuum system.

Logistics makes use of a storage located in the same area of the marble sawmill where the potential customer can select and appreciate a wide variety of products. The production, to which work about 10 workers, has a capacity of over 3 thousands squared meters of polished slabs every month. All the material can be promptly distributed and delivered to the final destinations through an efficient partner shipping company.

made in italy

Our slabs are produced with care and very closely, they are processed entirely in Vagli area with Italian products.


It is the reason why we have obtained the Made in Italy Certification: our working process is inspected by professional under European Labor Laws, from the consolidation of the block to its shipment, certifying its authenticity with the hologram attached on final packaging.

Our slabs have also obtained CE certification for external and internal use.


Care of raw materials starts with respect for the environment.

Products used to cut, finish and pack our slabs are environmentally friendly, at the same time our headquarters are totally self-sufficient in terms of energy thanks to 143 KW of solar energy from photovoltaic panels and 50 KW of thermal energy for catalysis furnaces.

Thanks to these innovations we are trying to reach certification for environmental compliance ISO 14001 and EMAS as well as an ISO 45001 certificate on safety in the workplace.


KW of solar energy from photovoltaic panels

KW of thermal energy for catalysis furnaces


Cooperativa Apuana

We cooperate in order to create your project

Cooperativa Apuana started life in 1958 to promote and innovate the ancient tradition of excavation widespread in the Vagli area since time immemorial.
The company has dedicated more than 60 years to marble, a “timeless material” which for centuries has profoundly characterised architecture and the history of art.


Cooperativa Apuana works one of the oldest quarries in Tuscany and it is a point of reference for the entire sector.

Cooperativa Apuana promotes eight types of Apuan Marble extracted from its own quarries, including Calacatta Vagli® in all its variations. It is appreciated marble used by architectural firms all over the world to create prestigious works.

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